Lost Bird Film - Work area
Work area:

Lost Bird Film works primarily with films and photos of nature, and have recorded all sizes of animals from ants to elephants.
I have extensive experience in the behavior and handling of both Scandinavian and tropical animals. Recordings are always done with respect for the animals and the environment.
Lost Bird Film has a lot of footage of nature in HD format. Contact me to hear if Lost Bird Film has the footage that you are missing.

Lost Bird Film also works with films and photos of outdoor sports, adventure and travel.

Entire solutions, i.e. manuscripts, shooting, editing and delivery of web-films or DVD is performed.
All tasks are performed with creative ideas and in respect for the nature!

See examples of my work under “Film” and "Photo".

Lost Bird Film is own by Lena stenseng (born 1974). I am educated as a biologist with thesis in entomology (the study of insects) from Copenhagen University in 2002. I also have a degree in photography from the London Institute and several courses from The School of Short & Documentary Film in Denmark.
For a number of years I have worked as a freelance photographer and supplied photos for magazines, books, websites etc. I have also written and illustrated several scientific, popular-scientific and travel articles from around the world (see publication list below).
I have traveled in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, USA, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Madagaskar and more.
Expert in finding small and "invisible" animals!

Price depend on the type of footage/work, and the type of publication, therefore contact me for current price for your assignment.

DTU Technical University of Denmark
Whitley Award
Ecolabelling Denmark
Gyldendal Publishing
and more


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Stenseng, L (2004): Kalahari - en ørken med løver og sandstorm.
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Stenseng, L; Skovgård, H & Holter, P (2003): Life table studies of the pupal
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