Lost Bird Film - Film

For full HD see: https://vimeo.com/search?q=lena+stenseng

This is a short film about the life in the mangrove forest of Borneo.
This film is a shorter version of a 24 minutes film.

Borneo Rainforest. Filmed in Danum Valley Conservation Area, Gunung Mulu National Park and Bako National Park.

This film show some of the smaller animals in Denmark.

In the nature area of Dyrehaven near Copenhagen flocks of Denmarks’s largest deer, the red deer, is found. In September and October it is mating season. The males roar and try to lure females to the flock. In Dyrehaven there also live light red deer, which is not albinos.

The Fire-bellied Toad have a beautiful croaking, which can be heard throughout the valley. But in the little pond are also other animals, even animals that hunt.

Dragonflies are predators that catch their prey in the air. They have territories, which they defend and chase other dragonflies away from. Also their nymphs are predators, they live in the water and catch their prey by shooting their extended mouthparts forward and grasp the animal.

The European Bison or Vicent, as it is also called, was at one time extinct in the wild and found only in zoos. However, by breeding and release of animals from the zoos, there are currently several wild populations of Vicent around Europe.